Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mom Wallwork's Birthday Party

Mom Unwraping part of our gift we I made some Valentine hot pads and then Wade & I found a heart shaped stain glass window charm made by a local artist.

This is a shot of Wade Jr. & Krista doing the dishes after the BIG Meal now this is team work or what we like to call brother & sisterly LOVE

Here is a shot of Rodney & Mom with the Birthday cake.

There is also a photo of Susan, Myself,Rodney & Mickie after the get together just a shot to mark the get together

Friday, February 13, 2009

Job Change

So CVS bought longs last October I found out 3 weeks ago I am no longer a floating Pharmacy Technician. I have been getting trained to be the Pharmacy Trainer for my district whhich has gone from 28 stores to 14. I am hoping once I am done going south for my training I wont have to travel so much I have been in a hotel 2-3 days each week the last 3 weeks.

Thank goodness for my vacation next week BAJA here we come!!!!!