Sunday, March 8, 2009

February 2009 Guerrero Negro Baja Trip

Here we are at the ever Famous Papa Fernandez's Campo really great food it is 68 miles from the house in Campo San Pedro on mostly dirt road see the road behind the sign. We enjoyed the ride and the food was really great at Papa Fernandez Wade & I ate up the sea food all we could.
This is front of the Hotel we stayed at in Guerrero Negro it was really nice good place to eat next door a great restaurant 1 block up the street.

This is how close our 22' Panga Boat got to the whales we went out in Scammon's Lagoon I almost got to touch the whale but my arm wasn't long enough.

This was right next to our boat they call it a spy whale they raise up enough so they can see whats going on and often they would then swin up to the boat.

Here we are all suited up for boat safety it was a trip we will always remember and we may even do it again we really have to learn spanish. Once again Baja has given us a vacation to treasure and we were blessed to be there with family and friends.