Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hearth Attack 2008

No picture for this one :( the moment I gor back from my VERY RELAXING and FUN Idaho trip I have spent most of the time either out of town working of siting in a Hospital Wade had 2 stents put in the Tuesday after I got back he spent a night there so returned home I then nhad the TERRIBLE experience of Him having another Heart attack the Saturday before Christmas and going back in sor surgery and then staying inICU for 2 days I am just glad he was home for christmas we go back to the cardioligist on the 31st for follow up i have began a book called "The BOOKSouth Beach Heart Health Revolutin" Arthur Agatston MD Cardiologist (earlier this year we lost togerther 35lbs on the south beach diet) I will have alot of questions for the Md andwe will bve adjusting our diet yet again I am willing to do what ever it takes to get Wade healthy ASAP. I am learning Genetic cholesterol issues could be a big factor so all should chek into this for there own health please I beg you take a serious look at your health even if you feel good So was wade........

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Idaho 2008 trip Nutcracker

Brooke the beautiful was our photographer she caught me with my tongue out pre-party at my sister-in-law's Karla Douglass
A girls photo we(mom, ginger and myself ) traveled to Idaho to watch Kenzi dance in the nutcracker her 10Th year she had 2 solos it was a blast

Myself, Ginger (sister-in-law), Kenzi (niece), & mom after Friday night performance of the nutcracker she was amazing in both performances. Truly a trip to remember

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving at Krista & Jesse's

This is the whole gang the Brown's and Ramos Famlies having a great thanksgiving meal together in Jesse ans Krista's home. Wade and I went over on the wednesday before to help get things going and to spen time with both Krista and Jesse.
Wade & Wade Jr working in the kitchen carving the turkey (Wade BBQ the turkey YUM!) and Jr is working on the salad.(i will post the picture but jr's dog is laying on the floor between them)
Had to take a quick family photo (missing JJ,Mike, Auzia and Howie:( ) but we had alot of laughs and fun. We did something different for us we went to the movies after dinner was done we saw Four Christmas's very very funny!!!!!
Here is a photo of the 4 kids we did get to spend the day with we are so lucky to have them.
Krista and Jesse with on of there pugs (Daisy?) in there living room we are so happy she has found Jesse there road is going to be rocky but they have each other and there family to help them through as much as we can love you guys!!!!!!