Saturday, November 7, 2009

Now I Feel Like Fall is here

I spent today making Apple Butter and Apple Sauce with my mother today. She picked apples from her tree and I picked Apples from ours and we were off the peeling coring slicing (thank goodness for the handy all-in-one tool that does it all. Then we began to cook , blend,and bottle I now have some to share and Apple Sauce for my little Brayden when he can start eating that kind of stuff that is truely organic,

It was fun Wade was down at the barn building our new closet for the area just inside the door to replace the LEANING TOWER of pizza fabric closet we have been using for the past 4 years to hold our jackets. The new and improved model will hold much more and wil not lean. Wade is amazing and talented to beable to build us a new one. We are really working on getting ourselves more organized.

I hope this Fall season brings health and Happiness for all my Family and Friends......

Sunday, October 25, 2009

October visit for Gram Brown

Brayden laying on the blanket Papa Brown made for him.
Otis giving Brayden a kiss (lick)

Brayden is getting so big starting to hold his head up and look at his new high chair (thank you Aunt Susie & Haven)

By this time he is tired of me taking his picture so not looking at the camera he is the icing on my cake being a Grandma is the best.....

Sunday, August 30, 2009


We have been so lucky to have our grandson visit us last weekend
he is the cutest BOY ever... of course I am VERY partial to him and his
parents too. We look forward to many more gems in our family called
GRANDCHILDREN next posting will have pictures. Life is very good
for us we have so many many blessings in our lives and in the lives of
our children too.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


On July 10th at 4:19 am we welcomed our First Grandbaby.
Brayden Isaiah 6lbs. 40unces 19inches .

A ton of black hair I was VERY VERY lucky to be in the birthing room with Krista & Jesse holding one of her legs as she pushed Brayden into the world.
He is the most beautiful little baby .

This is about 24 hours later I am really looking forward to spending the next week with the new little Ramos family helping to take care of Krista and Brayden and support Jesse in this new chapter of there life. Grandma LOVE is a whole new kind of love I am already thinking about when i will be able to come visit again a new thing to save for trips to get my BRAYDEN fix.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Camping Fathers Day 2009

Wade riding the Jetski at Lake Nacimiento Fathersday weekend
Wade Jr. floating at day camp with Broc who just wined if his dad (wade Jr.) got to far out of his sight.

Me cooking at camp I really did not cook very much as all the kids helped plan and cook meals

Jamie and the BIG floaty catchin the rays FUN in the SUN!!!!!

Wade & I another day at the water we had a blast 5 days of camping and sitting by the water and 2 nights and 2 days our kids made the effort to be with us it was a GREAT TIME!!!!!

Wade, Alyssa (the baby of the group) and I for a quick photo shot Alyssa will turn 20 this summer Wade & I have been together for 19 years we are very blessed to have such an amazing family 5 amazing kids and 3 wonderful son-in-laws........

AND PEANUT...... yes Krista here is carring (soon to have) our first grandchild....... we are very excieted to start this new chapter in our lives.

BIG DADDY>>>>> floating with the hat he worked really hard for 2 days before the kids arrived to make our beach very rock free and a good shaded area too we spent many weekends and sumer evenings with all the kids at this lake it has a ton of great camping and water fun memories for all of us.

The GOOF BALLS Mr. & Mrs. B at there best

We are our happiest when we are together!!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day at Port San Luis

Us trying to take a picture at arms length we really enjoyed relaxing and doing nothing
What can i say we are new at this self piture taking and my arms are to short

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wades Birthday Night

Wade with the Strawberry pie Krista & Alyssa made for for his Birthday !!!!! Wade & Karen with the mysterious "ORB" in the photo

Again us at our very best messing around who says middle age people don't have fun!!!!!

I will try get him this time.....

How SWEET a kiss for the oldman....heheheh the love of my life I am truely blessed

Not to bad for middle age people on our way to 50 can you believe it?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

February 2009 Guerrero Negro Baja Trip

Here we are at the ever Famous Papa Fernandez's Campo really great food it is 68 miles from the house in Campo San Pedro on mostly dirt road see the road behind the sign. We enjoyed the ride and the food was really great at Papa Fernandez Wade & I ate up the sea food all we could.
This is front of the Hotel we stayed at in Guerrero Negro it was really nice good place to eat next door a great restaurant 1 block up the street.

This is how close our 22' Panga Boat got to the whales we went out in Scammon's Lagoon I almost got to touch the whale but my arm wasn't long enough.

This was right next to our boat they call it a spy whale they raise up enough so they can see whats going on and often they would then swin up to the boat.

Here we are all suited up for boat safety it was a trip we will always remember and we may even do it again we really have to learn spanish. Once again Baja has given us a vacation to treasure and we were blessed to be there with family and friends.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mom Wallwork's Birthday Party

Mom Unwraping part of our gift we I made some Valentine hot pads and then Wade & I found a heart shaped stain glass window charm made by a local artist.

This is a shot of Wade Jr. & Krista doing the dishes after the BIG Meal now this is team work or what we like to call brother & sisterly LOVE

Here is a shot of Rodney & Mom with the Birthday cake.

There is also a photo of Susan, Myself,Rodney & Mickie after the get together just a shot to mark the get together

Friday, February 13, 2009

Job Change

So CVS bought longs last October I found out 3 weeks ago I am no longer a floating Pharmacy Technician. I have been getting trained to be the Pharmacy Trainer for my district whhich has gone from 28 stores to 14. I am hoping once I am done going south for my training I wont have to travel so much I have been in a hotel 2-3 days each week the last 3 weeks.

Thank goodness for my vacation next week BAJA here we come!!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Church Calling

okay so I have a new calling at church.... talk about a shocker but it feels right i love the fact that I am living in such a way to be able to have confirmation that something is just right.

I will be teaching a Sunday School class once a month to adults the class is
"Strengthening The Family" the curriculum is based on the family proclamation from the church. I love the information it will be a class where people are asked to participate or who ask to participate not sure how that all works but the bishopric will ensure the right people are there i just know that through the prayer and research it will allow work out

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas 2008

Wade Opening a his gifts while Alyssa and JJ keep an eye on him
Krista & Daisy opening gifts (what will Daisy when Krista no longer has a lap?)

Mike , Ottis & Jr waiting to open there gifts check out jr's beard red?

Wade in his Massage chair with Ottis trying to get comfortable

This is our little Charlie Brown Tree (wades favorite kind)
it was his year to pick the tree out.