Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Church Calling

okay so I have a new calling at church.... talk about a shocker but it feels right i love the fact that I am living in such a way to be able to have confirmation that something is just right.

I will be teaching a Sunday School class once a month to adults the class is
"Strengthening The Family" the curriculum is based on the family proclamation from the church. I love the information it will be a class where people are asked to participate or who ask to participate not sure how that all works but the bishopric will ensure the right people are there i just know that through the prayer and research it will allow work out


rebecca and eric said...

very cool! you'll do great, and learn a lot, that always happens when you teach!

Vanessa Salatino said...

I heard about that class. And now that I know you're the teacher, it'll be a GREAT class. Maybe we'll be asked to come and can benefit from your wisdom.

Lange Family said...

You will do such a great job. I loved all of your Relief Society lessons they always made my weeks better!!