Saturday, July 11, 2009


On July 10th at 4:19 am we welcomed our First Grandbaby.
Brayden Isaiah 6lbs. 40unces 19inches .

A ton of black hair I was VERY VERY lucky to be in the birthing room with Krista & Jesse holding one of her legs as she pushed Brayden into the world.
He is the most beautiful little baby .

This is about 24 hours later I am really looking forward to spending the next week with the new little Ramos family helping to take care of Krista and Brayden and support Jesse in this new chapter of there life. Grandma LOVE is a whole new kind of love I am already thinking about when i will be able to come visit again a new thing to save for trips to get my BRAYDEN fix.


kmk said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Looks like an adorable little bug. Was Krista early with him?

Amy said...

oh my goodness, he is beautiful. Congratulations what a fun time. I'm so glad you get to be there with them.

Melissa Hansen said...

Hey aunt karen! We are making our blog private, But we want to invite you so you'll be able to keep up with all the action! What's your email?