Friday, November 21, 2008

Finally Home

Wade & I are finally both HOME together we have the Elders Quorm Thanksgiving party tomorrow i hope to take some pictures to post the I am off on monday out of town but only for 2 days then we are headed to Krista's our oldest Daughter for thanks giving she is hosting it at her home this year.

Wade will BBQ the turkey I will cook the ham we hope to have all our kids there and to meet jessies family too. Jessie will start his cancer treatments soon after the Holiday we ynak all our Family for there prayers on Jessie & Krista's behalf.

I will be taking picture at this event and will post them also even with all the struggles Wade & I are truely blessed with five (8) great kids it is such a blessing to have our kids find great people to add to our family.

May we all reflect and give thanks this season for all that we have been blessed with in our lives.

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Karlotta said...

I hope things are on the downhill side now... I changed by page and then saw your "comment" to funny. Great minds think alike right? Looking forward to seeing you soon.