Friday, November 21, 2008

Finally Home

Wade & I are finally both HOME together we have the Elders Quorm Thanksgiving party tomorrow i hope to take some pictures to post the I am off on monday out of town but only for 2 days then we are headed to Krista's our oldest Daughter for thanks giving she is hosting it at her home this year.

Wade will BBQ the turkey I will cook the ham we hope to have all our kids there and to meet jessies family too. Jessie will start his cancer treatments soon after the Holiday we ynak all our Family for there prayers on Jessie & Krista's behalf.

I will be taking picture at this event and will post them also even with all the struggles Wade & I are truely blessed with five (8) great kids it is such a blessing to have our kids find great people to add to our family.

May we all reflect and give thanks this season for all that we have been blessed with in our lives.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Almost A Year

I can't believe it will be a year on December 13th that Wade and I became an Eternal Family, and the blessings have been poured out on us because we have been and are striving to be obedient to the promises and covenants we made on that glorious day. Just a thought that I've had on my mind alot this past week as we have faced alot of struggles in our family life. I am so glad i have the Gospel in my life to strenghthen me (did that sound churchy?)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A stressful Day

No pictures for today just alot of gratitude for the small blessings today was HEAVY!!!!! We started with a phone call from Wades brother rather then having just a angioplasy he was told he needs open heart surgery. Wades mom already had a surgery scheduled for 1:30 today for a female procedure so we had already planned a day at the Hospital. We found out last night that Jessie (krista's boyfriend ) may have colon cancer and they had his test result appointmetn today at 1:45. Well he does have cancer and tomorrow they see the oncologist to set up a plan of attack and we are continuing to fast and pray that it will be treatable and beatable the doctor they spoke to yesterday gave them good odds it is so we are thankful for that bit of good news.
We are taking one day at a time and moving forword I leave tomorrow to work out of town for 3 days wade will pick me up on friday evening as we travel to the LA Temple for a stake temple day on saturday I am a bit nerveous about going with all the recent protest and i am a bit worried about trying to shope at my favorite LDS bookstore across the street I know Wade will keep me safe its just that I am so confrontational by nature I know I need to keep my mouth shut not a natural response for those of you who know me.